Obama Baby
Digital Portrait
I’m proud to finally have the very first installment of an upcoming series done and ready to be viewed. In the coming months I will be working on many other digital portraits similar to this one showcasing a famous public figure, primarily world leaders, in their most vulnerable and adorable of states.
As a disclaimer and an explanation, this is in no way a political statement on the current president, and any “between-the-lines” reading should be considered unintentional and quite frankly damaging to the art. I want this public figures as babies series (name still pending) as an expression of the vulnerability of human leaders. Regardless of beliefs or political preferences, every leader we uphold started out the same way we all did, as tiny, defenseless babies. I chose to start with President Barak Obama, not as a political statement, but rather simply because his term is almost up, and I wanted to keep this relevant. So I hope you enjoy the art and I hope that you can think about the frailty of human life, no matter how powerful a person becomes.
Also, if you are interested in purchasing prints of this piece, you can contact me via email: davidgloyolart@gmail.com
Thanks for viewing!

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