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Last year a friend of mine and I started a little business called Pure Media. 
As a media company it was pretty evident that we needed to have a strong online presence, starting with a website. I had never done web design before, primarily due to my lack of knoweldge of code. But thanks to Adobe Muse, an exclusive piece of software that Adobe recently provided to all Creative Cloud members, I was able to move into the exclusive world of web design.
Knowing not a single line of code, it seemed impossible to make a website happen from scratch. But Muse made it increadibly easy for me to think like a desginer and focus entirely on the look of my website, rather than the technical structure behind it. 
Obviously, without proper knowledge of code, there is only so much one can do. But becaues Adobe Muse is part of the Creative Cloud community, it is constantly being update with new capabilities that allow designers to create beautiful websites without the knowledge of code. 
This is the first website I've designed. It's very simple and very basic, but because I love minimalistic design, this website really fits the look. Feel free to check it out live here.
Thanks for viewing!

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