Random Graphics Jobs 2014

The following are various faux and real jobs that I have complied over the year. Just a way to showcase some of the things that I can and have done.  
The last 3 images include a logo that is simply for showcasing purposes and is currently not being used. If you are interested in purchasing the logo and making it your own, feel free to contact me.
This is the logo that I created for my friend Melinda's personal photography business. 
Logo that I created for a friend's ochestral staff. The school's mascot is a bear, which spawned the request for a bear playing a double bass. 
Sensational Kids is a educational therapy organization that works with children of young ages. They were looking to develop a tri-fold that properly explained the kind of work they do at the different child development stages. 
Thanks for viewing!

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Nereida Means Mermaid
Commissioned portrait for a friend who's name means mermaid.
All In
Mr. Paul really likes to play Texas Hold'em. It's all he really wanted to do after he lost both his arms in a work related Accident. Thanks to CHAP, now he can.
Peter Dinklage Portrait
In honor of the season premiere of Game of Thrones I give you Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister.
The Elevator Magazine Covers
Old magazine covers for The Elevator, a small local magazine for school kids.
Refracted Reality Podcast Logo
Design for the Refracted Reality Podcast.
Koa Warrior Gear
Hand cut paper illustration. 6" x 6"
This Field Looks Green To Me Investor Packet
Investor packet for the film This Field Looks Green To Me, written by Ron Schimdt and directed by Peter-John Campbell
Jaguar Warrior Gear
Hand cut paper illustration. 6" x 6"
ChildFund - Texas Area Brochure for 2016-2017
A simple brochure designed to invite local partners to collaboration with the ChildFund International - Texas Area Office.
Greek Warrior
Hand cut paper illustration. 12" x 12"
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