This is another rebranding project I decided to put together purely for the fun of it. The Rio Grande Bible Institute (RGBI) is an accredited Bible seminary specifically aimed at providing Biblical education for Hispanic students. The school has been around for many years now. In the most recent years, their growth indicates a potential opportunity for an extensive reimagining of their brand. The aesthetic identity of the school is quickly becoming outdated, and looking towards the future of the school, a new and reimagined visual identity is crucial.
A visual identity for a school such as RGBI requires both a professional aesthetic and a Hispanic aesthetic. For this reason, a color palette that reflects the Latin culture and a typeface that remains both modern and professional were used in the development of the main logo. Throughout the entirety of the visual identity, the color palette, a utilization of thin 1-2pt lines, large photography, and soft shadows combine the Hispanic aesthetic with modern design inclinations.
Overall, the direction of the rebranded identity aims at conveying the mission of RGBI: “Equipping Hispanic Leaders for the Global Church.”  

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