A couple of years ago I was asked to design covers for a magazine a friend of mine was producing. It was a small magazine for school kids and he wanted each of the covers to be playful and funny. There were no real rules besides keeping it PG. Each of the designs was an idea that would come to mind and seemed odd or funny enough. The freedom to create cartoon scenes was fun. 
Evidently, this was done a long time ago. Since then my artistic interest has shifted substantially. However, I can still apreciate the fun I had creating these magazine covers. 
The Elevator Vol. 4 - Nessy
The Elevator Vol. 3 (Holiday Issue) - Ambitious Thanksgiving Gone Wrong
The Elevator Vol. 2 - Mime Grandma
(This one was originally going to be a rock star grandma but the original design was too "edgy". So we settled on the mime grandma instead.)
The Elevator Vol. 1 - Crouching Crane
(This was the first issue ever and the initial idea was to have the cover resemble an old-school comic book.) 
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