Edinburg, Texas is a city that along, with its neighboring cities, collective makes up one of the areas of most growth in the state of Texas. While the Rio Grande Valley is made up of 4 counties, Hidalgo county has seen incredible growth and modernization in the last few years. A few of Edinburg’s neighboring cities have, in recent years, undergone complete graphic identity revitalization. However, Edinburg has maintained what can only be seen as a “small city” graphic identity. The city’s branding no longer matches the spirit and momentum of the city, and it is long overdue for a full rebranding.
This project proposes a new aesthetic direction for the city of Edinburg. One that upholds its history and social spirit, while looking ahead at its modern future. This is only the beginning of what would need to be a large undertaking. It is an aesthetic vision sample to indulge the mind in what the brand of the City of Edinburg could be.
The logo’s inspiration comes from many sources. Primarily, the plainly graphical form of the symbol above the name of the city alludes to the shape of an arch. Perhaps due to its history and its cultural peculiarity, the city of Edinburg’s architecture tends to include plenty of arches. This symbol alludes to this commonality. Secondarily, the symbol is meant to allude the emphasis on family that the city has embraced in the last few years.
The colors chosen are specifically matched as almost perfect negative opposites, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing experience for the eye. They also reflect the combination of the American and Mexican culture that Edinburg upholds.   
The logo variations in both color and format are meant to address the issue of visibility when utilizing the logo in various formats. The current city logo can often times be hard to see when applied to a full colored image.
One of the greatest offenders in the current brand is its website. The over saturation of information is to some degree understandable due to the nature of its function. But the presentation of that saturated information is the true offender. The proposed redesign allows for plenty of information to be presented in a clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing way. It would also function as a fully responsive site, maintaining functionality across various devices.