​​​​​​​Over the course of the summer, RGBI's GLOBAL team and I worked to put together the second issue of the magazine. Earlier this month it was released to and I am very proud to present it now. 
This process was a little more enjoyable than the previous issue as I felt a little more confident working on editorial design. Pretty much all aesthetic and design aspects of the magazine were handed to me, and the ability to have almost complete creative freedom in this project has been great. 
The theme of this particular issue involved the planting of churches in the Rio Grande Valley. The design for the cover was directly inspired by my appreciation for paper cutting, though this is only designed to simulate the appearance of actual paper. The inclusion of various colors of arms was meant to depict the various cultures involved in the planting of churches in the RGV. Over all the magazine maintained a similar aesthetic to the first issue, though there was some significant layout changes throughout.
This samples some of the major spreads in the magazine, though it does not include all pages. 
Over all I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the magazine, and through some of the feedback I've received, I know plenty of readers appreciated this second issue. Hopefully this project will continue, and perhaps I may be able to showcase future issues as they are produced. For now, I hope you have enjoyed the design of this edition. All questions and comments are welcome. If you live in the RGV you can pick one of these issues at the RGBI front office.
Thank you for viewing!

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