After almost a month of doing one poster a day, (except for one day when I was fairly sick) I have decided to finish the #postereveryday challenge. Not all were bangers, but I was fairly proud of the result of each poster. Some days I would sit down to work on a poster and I would have no idea what I was going to do, and yet the result at the end would be among my favorites. Other days I would have a totally thought out idea and when I would sit down to work on it I would realize my idea was garbage and the outcome would reflect that. 
Who knows if I will pick this challenge up again. Some designers that I follow have kept a challenge similar to this going for years and years. My hat goes off to those designers. I've realized I do not have the endurance to keep up with something like that. But maybe some day I will come back to doing something like this again. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the results of this second half of the challenge.