Rio Grande Bible Institute approached me with a need for their recruitment literature to be formatted in an attractive and appealing way. The following three samples are three different tri-fold brochures that I designed for this department.
The design language was primarily one of initial appeal with an over all emphasis on cleanliness. This emphasis on white space was not only an aesthetic choice but a functional one as well. The brochures were to be printed in-house, and not on heavy weight paper. For this reason less ink on the paper was the best way to go about the over all design language. All the information required was included without sacrificing the design rules. All three brochures utilized a similar cover panel in order to bring cohesion despise the different information addressed in each brochure. This is an example of meeting function with aesthetic without compromise.
Fonts used:
Soleil, Bebas Neue, Museo
All information visible in the design samples is the property of Rio Grande Bible Institute
Fiancial information brochure.
Practical ministry brochure.
Student life brochure.
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